I am not the same anymore, nor do I care to be. Months of change and seperation have only brought me closer to truth, love, compassion and a long  journey that I enjoy day after day.  Here is to a better tomorrow and an amazing today! Cheers!

Theatre Drums

June 29, 2009

These past weeks I have really enjoyed playing at the theatre. I dont know, it feels like a live show! Loud Drums Son!! New favorite band right now. “The Mars Volta!


Is going to be used to improve education in Cambodia!! YEAH!!


June 19, 2009

“Let’s Put A Smile On that Face.

Quoting Movies…

June 17, 2009

It is one of my favorite things to do. A random movie will pop into my head with a  certain quote too and I say it out loud, laugh, look around, and everyone is like “what?” Ha.  So todays quote is…

“Oh Audrey, I look like hell!” If you were a man I’d Punch you.”


I miss Nayla

June 16, 2009

My Friend, My Buddy, My Girl, My Partner In Crime all the time. HAHA


Good Times Russell


Iquitos, Peru.


ABM Crossing His Fingers

Chinese Medicine…

June 16, 2009

Is better than American Medicine. I was given some meds by the Dr. in the ER that had horrible side effects to my liver. Not only that but they said my pancreas was messed up and it was not true. It was my liver. It’s still scary to be going through this but the thought of getting the wrong diagnosis and taking meds that will cause more damage to my liver is crazy! What is going on in the world of medicine. This new stuff I am taking is natural medicine and the other stuff I was taking was like taking poison. Was I going to get meds that were going to make me sicker in order for me to go back again and again? Hmm makes me wonder.



New Offer

June 10, 2009

Ok I am taking some time to give 30-45 min drum lessons in exchange for Set-up n tear down help. If you are interested hit me up and we will can talk details. Serious musicians only!



Got Drums?


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